Dec 13, 2009

4 Fingers BonChon Chicken

This is a concept created by my husband, along 3 other business partners and the Asylum team. If you haven't tried 4 Fingers BonChon Crispy Chicken, you really don't know what you're missing out on!

Founded in NYC by a Korean, BonChon Korean Crispy Chicken has been voted THE no.1 chicken in the USA by GQ and Esquire magazine. And I kid you not, this chicken is damn good!

While in its heyday, I was made to taste the chicken, hot, cold, fresh, 2 days old and flown directly from NYC. I had BonChon chicken everyday! But I never tired of it! Unbelievable!

Who doesn't like a good chicken wing? I could eat 12 of them at one go! Not forgetting my favourite KimChi coleslaw, which was my husband's brilliant idea!

It makes for a good party/ pot luck food, but it's not ready with delivery services yet. You could head on down to B4 Ion Orchard... but better yet, if you're reading this blog and would like to get your hands on a big order (100 pieces or more), you're very welcomed to get in contact with me and I can try my best to sort you out! : )

I check my blog everyday!

Four fingers in the air!

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