Sep 5, 2013

Matte Matte Matte!

They're back! And way more fantastic! After years of oily, glossy (like I just ate 10 chicken wings lipstick look), the matte lippy is back and better! I remember in the 90s when matte was all the rage... remember Poppy lipsticks from Australia? They were the mattest matte you could get and my god, it was nasty on the lips! My lips would crack and peel and yucks!
Now the matte is matte yet comfortable. No more cracks and unkissable lips for everyone. A dewy skin and matte lips, nice!
NARS has really good matte lipticks. Dressed to Kill is the lipstick I will stash for a long time. Fantastic color. Fun and spunky!


Here's another unexpected fantastic matte. Keep you face powdery and quite bare for this look so the look isn't overtaken by something else as its a pretty loud shade to wear.

And if you just want to try all sorts of matte, why not go with some lip pencils from Urban Decay! Colors of the red rainbow for you to play with!

Here's some more matte stuff just for fun. Play with matte mono eyeshadows too. 

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