Feb 19, 2010

Rouge Coco

Ladies! Peter Philips wants to transform us into feminine women again! He's created a new lipstick line called Rouge Coco to inspire and help us silly women to learn how to move away from glosses n balms and to start using lipstick again!
Well actually, depending on which era you're born in, you might not ever have used a lipstick even!
My mother in the 70's used to go to work with a full face of make- up and watching her apply lipstick was so 'adult'! I was always in awe of my mom (and still am!) and because of how she put herself together for work every morning, I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world :-)
Now thinking back and having all these Rouge Coco's in my hand, I will be inspired to act like a lady!
Ladies! Throw away those metallic glosses n get yourselves a lipstick!

I'm a fan of 05 Mademoiselle (first one from the left) and 31 Cambon (middle red shade)

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1 comment:

aunty aud said...

i also think your mother very beautiful.....can remember her look...face fully made up, long wavy hair, scarf around her neck, and her high heels!!...hee