Feb 25, 2010

Cream to Powder Foundation

My latest crush! Oh I cannot express how much I'm in love with this Urban Decay Cream to Powder Foundation! When Miss Gelainza from Sephora was introducing the brand to me, she kept going on and on about this product and gave me one to go home to try. And, my dear dear Gelainza, this product is da bomb!!!! 
I love it love it love it!!!! ANd I recommend EVERYONE to please go and get one for yourself! Its so easy on the face, really silky and I can't feel like I've got foundation on! The best thing? It's NOT OILY yippee yay yay : P
Oh and it does the job of even-ing out skin tone!

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Anonymous said...

U r moooosst welcome babe!!! ;) Luve it when we get raving comments from you beautiful people abt our amazing Sephora collections! More to come surely! ~ Gelainza