Apr 9, 2014


This summer DIOR is sexy hawt exciting. 
From a bright range of nail colours to perk you right up to the comfortable glossy fluid lippy sticks. (I kept it on for half a day and it felt so light and un-sticky). 
Bright pinks and oranges, wear them with a bare face for a current look or with a fully made up face for a night out, stunning!
Another stunner is the cobalt blue Manucure Transat that comes with stickers to add. That is so ultimately cruise. I have yet to give it a try on how easy it is to use. 
And the star of the season? The 5 colour eyeshadow palette is to die for! 3 shades of Blues to smoke up your eyes, accompanied with a brown to bring them out and a silver to highlight. Everything a girl on the prowl needs!

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