Mar 7, 2014

Delicious healthy chocolate ball snacks for those PMS days

This is my first blog entry on health food.


I have bad cases of binge eating during pms. Due to those binge eatings, I get breakouts.  And these nasties leave scars. The cycle goes on every month like clockwork. As soon as I have a cigarette, I break out. Cigarettes are terrible for your skin btw. Yes, I've realised this a little too late (well, for my face anyway. I could've had a pimple free youth, alas!). Hopefully my lungs might recover! I spent my 20s destroying my body, partying, smoking, wrecking havoc... will I be able to get things back on track, I hope so. Its time to give it a shot.

So I'm now on a healthy living quest. Binge eating? Yup, I'll binge on healthy stuff, no prob! Bring it on! My biggest vice, SUGAR. This one's going to be so hard to cut off. I'll take it slow and steady. I think it's harder than quitting smoking! My M&M's, Bounty's, donuts, Twirls arrrggghh : (

My quest for beauty continues. This time unto myself. 
Ageing gracefully and living illness- free for as long as I can. 

Like all women who dine out, we look at desserts first to see if we should order a small salad (if the desserts are good) or order a fat juicy steak (blah desserts). So in order of the norm, my first entry will be a sweet treat! This treat satisfies. I promise!
I got this recipe off Tarian Pantry.


1 1/2 cup almonds
1 cup walnuts or raw cashew nuts (u decide)
1 cup medjool dates pitted
1 cup figs
1/2 cup cacao powder
1 orange for zest
1 pinch of salt

Dice figs
Pit and dice dates
Pound cashews and almonds in a mortar n pestle

Zest the orange
For best results, blend cacao powder with 1 cup almonds and cashews first till flaky then add dates, figs and goji berries with a pinch of salt. Because I use preserved figs, I added a little water to bind all the ingredients together.

Roll them up in little bite sized balls and use the remaining half cup of grounded almonds to coat the balls.
Chill in refrigerator and have them cold.
So divine!

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