Jan 9, 2014

My Bioderma Crush. L.O.V.E

I have never heard of Bioderma till they generously invited me to a skincare event launch! Shameful is what I felt cause Bioderma has a super cult following of celebrities and top models. Honestly, it is really hard keeping up with the endless amounts of skincare this world has.

but I am so thankful Bioderma has introduced itself to me cause I am not living another day without it! 
The Micelle Solution, a clear bottle, filled with what looks like plain water is the most amazing cleanser! No, I'm not getting a commission from them : ) but really, this pure H20 water is amazing! It removes everything! Even some waterproof make up. 
And for us lazies, you don't need to follow with soap and water! Just some toner and your skincare routine after is enough.

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