Nov 19, 2008

Rosie Posie

My latest addiction.

Benefit has done it once again! From Benetint comes Posie tint, pinkier, sweeter and the easy to apply gel-like texture makes for smooth blending.

I've also found Posie tint lasts longer than Benetint. Benetint comes off with soap and water while Posie tint needs make-up remover or toner on a cotton pad to wipe off. So its fantastic for a sleep over *wink*!

Apply on cheeks over moisturize and under foundation so when make-up wears off during the day, you'll be let with lightly flushed cheeks, yummy!

A fantastic gift and a great buy!

Use it on your lips under a Lipstick or Lipgloss and you won't get stuck with half naked lips after a heavy lunch.

1 comment:

Anette said...

That so sounds like something I need - where can the Posie tint be bought?